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The Fire Angels are a group of volunteers that work closely with the local fire departments, currently servicing Johnson County, IN.  We accompany the fire fighters to the scene of active domestic fires.  While the fire fighters work to put out the fire, Fire Angels connect with the individuals and families.  

Our role is to assist these victims through the first 24-72 hours.  In the first moments of devastation the individuals stand in disbelief.  It becomes paralyzing to consider next moves.  Fire Angels provides these victims with essentials, such as toiletries, clean clothing, snacks, meals, hotel/housing and such.  In addition to these items, we work with the individuals and families to get items of need such as additional clothing, school items, glasses and contacts.  Finally we ensure the families have a comprehensive list of next steps.  This guide helps them to navigate the mountain of tasks that await them, from contacting insurance to calling for prescription medications.

Fire Angels are able to operate thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the local community.  There are many ways to get involved including: becoming a sponsor, making donations, participating in our community events and more.  Without those giving hearts, we simply couldn't do what we do.  We are so grateful for the support we receive.

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