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I am a father to six children in a blended family.  Each one is awesome in their own way and a blast to enjoy life with.  I love sports and enjoy working on my truck or customizing it to my liking.  I work as a Construction Manager building others the homes of their dreams.  I am able to see a hole in the ground be built into an amazing, beautiful home for someone to love. It is a very cool process that I greatly enjoy.  My wife Brittany is my partner in life that is always there for me no matter what.  She’s my ride or die.  I am happy to help her with her dream to help others as much as she possibly can.  She is always doing so in one form or another and it always feels so good to know we’ve been able to make life a little easier for someone during a time of need.  Fire Angels was created because she couldn’t imagine having to deal with such devastation that often is the result of the tragic event of a house fire.  I will be there to help in any way possible along with the rest of our team of amazing people.

Meet Jason

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